Soon build incredible floating train in America by Japan

Shirshobindu news desk: Commuters in the US could soon be enjoying a whole new kind of rapid transit system between cities

If you get frustrated with your daily commute in this country then fear not, because it’s a similar story for workers in the US too, particularly in the hotspots between major cities. The link between Washington DC and Baltimore is one such example, but if the Japanese have their way then commuters could soon be buzzing by magnetic train between the two locations in just 15 minutes.

In a move that will have workers on this side of the pond going green with envy, a plan has been hatched that could see a super-maglev train design being used to whisk workers from A to B at similarly super speeds. And it’s all down to the ever-enterprising Japanese, who have offered to chip in and pay half the cost of the new rail link in a bid to showcase this incredible feat of engineering.

A super maglev train

Big money odds

The project is said to be budgeted to cost around $8 billion, which equates to approximately £5 billion sterling, so it’s a huge amount for a track-laying process that would allow the linear-propelled super-maglev trains to travel the 37 miles between the two east coast conurbations. Currently, the fastest it can be done is using a traditional-style rail connection that can take workers around an hour to complete in boringly conventional carriages.

It’s hoped that if the project can be established, and up and running in the next few years, then there may also be scope for a longer stretch of the service that would subsequently connect Washington with Boston. This could cut journey times down to a fraction of their current amount and it would also be a more pleasant experience too. The maglev concept allows trains to move using electromagnetic forces, which are known for their low friction performance and smooth, quiet ride capabilities.

A super maglev train

Way of the future?

Over in Japan, rail companies are currently hard at work testing their increasingly sophisticated super-maglev’s. The most recent model, the futuristic Series L0 offering, will be capable of speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour and, thanks to an incredibly aerodynamic structure, will be able to shave off substantial amounts of journey time between the likes of Tokyo and Nagoya. Regular domestic services using these mind-blowing creations are pencilled in for 2027. Meanwhile, if it gets rubber-stamped and the green light to go, the Japanese/American collaboration could be operational on the east coast of the States within the next decade.

A bullet train

It’s a bold move, but the ever-enterprising Japanese people clearly know that this would give them a huge and very high-profile platform to sell the super-maglev concept, both to other congested parts of the United States and around the world too.


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