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Nursing made easy for moms



Being a new mom can often be taxing. With the joy of being a new parent, comes a long list of respon-sibilities. Among them, nursing the infant so that it gets the proper nutrition is of primary concern.

Nursing is often an intimate and personal act for mothers. Breastfeeding a baby is not only nutritional for the child, it has health benefits for the mother as well.

In the house, breastfeeding is seldom a problem as long as family members are understanding. It is important to realise that breastfeeding can be daunting for new mothers, especially if it their first child.

So if there’s a new mother in your household, be sure to put her at ease. She needs the space and time to relax – it is recommended that mothers are relaxed before they nurse their child.

Family members can delegate the diet of the mothers so that it contains a good amount of nutrition to facilitate optimum breast milk production.

Taking care of the mother is taking care of the child in this case. If the family is attentive towards the new mother, she will she will easily be able to cope with this new sense of responsibility and nurture her baby more.

For working women, the problem is made more difficult in a country like Bangladesh. Lack of space or time from the workplace is the primary factor. But if the co-workers are helping, then it can be made easier.

If there’s a new mother in the workplace, help her out. If the office does not have a separate area where the mother can get some privacy, providing a room to herself for the brief time she needs is not a very difficult task.

If nothing else, a mother can opt to pump the milk and send it to the carer of her child. All this takes is a little co-operation from those around to make her feel at ease.


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