Chinese concept bus that drives over cars



This concept bus The Transit Elevated BUS (TEB) is an elevated bus capable of driving over cars in moving traffic. The bus is high enough to glide over the top of cars, allowing traffic to pass underneath while increasing road space.

An elevator would allow passengers to board from street level, similar to an above ground train system. A scale model of the bus was unveiled just days ago at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, and it garnered massive attention.

China suffers from terrible traffic condition which the engineer Bai Zhiming of this concept bus believes will help solve this problem.

He told the China’s Central Television network, CCTV News: “With a carrying capacity of 1200 people at a time, the TEB has the same functions as the subway while its cost of construction is less than one fifth of the subway.”

He believes the construction of the bus can be finished in a year. The authorities concerned are looking to trial the bus in Hebei’s Qinhuangdao city in the second half of this year.


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