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Nadiya Hussain hailed a national treasure by viewers for revealing why she wears a hijab



The Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain was praised by the viewers of The Chronicles of Nadiya for her beautiful explanation of her religious garment, after returning to Bangladesh for the first time in a decade.

Mrs. Hussain has opened up about why she wears a hijab in the opening episode of her new BBC One series.

While shopping for an outfit for a Bangladeshi “hen party”, the 31-year-old told fans: “I have been wearing my hijab since I was 14, so 17 years now.

“It’s not specifically because I came from a religious family, in fact I came from quite the opposite, it was something I found myself.”

Nadiya continued: “It’s a sign of being a muslim and practising Islam. A sign of modesty. Hair is seen as something beautiful, you preserve that for specific people. The only people that can see it are those you can’t marry.

There’s a fear that I am wearing something that everyone is going to look at and for being chastised or blamed for something we’re not responsible for.

Nadiya then laughed: My hair desperately needs some sunshine.

Many took to Twitter to commend her for her comments, with many referencing the burkini ban as a photo has emerged of one woman being forced to disrobe by the French police.

“So good seeing #chroniclesofnadiya showing islam and hijab in a positive way after the #BurkiniBan,” one user wrote.

Two others agreed: “I’m loving #chroniclesofnadiya on @BBCOne. Her explanation on why she wears a hijab couldn’t be more relevant after the #BurkiniBan,” and: “Is @BegumNadiya becoming a national treasure? Lovely to see her talking about #hijab, culture, customs and cakes #chroniclesofnadiya.”

Another tweet read: “#chroniclesofnadiya with @BegumNadiya is giving a greatly needed positive view of #Islam and the #hijab. #bravo.”


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