The gay couple kick off public transport in London



A gay couple have alleged they were forced off a London bus after the driver shouted homophobic remarks at them.

Theatre director Omar Okai, 51, and his partner said the incident occurred after an evening out in central London.

Mr Okai said they were “shocked and disgusted” when the driver shouted an innuedo-laden remark to them after they boarded the bus using the rear entrance.

They claim the driver said: “I bet you like it in the backdoor” during the alleged incident near Tottenham Court Road station.

Mr Okai and his partner have filed a formal complaint with Transport for London (TfL) and the police, The Evening Standard reports.

In a letter to TfL, he wrote: “I would like an explanation, not just an apology, as I will be taking it further.

“This kind of behaviour is not acceptable in any shape or form in Great Britain and as a British citizen born here, I am not accepting it.

“My partner and I were humiliated and intimidated, being made to leave the bus.”


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