5 Things Commonly Done by Girls on a Date



We cannot always know for sure how much we will or won’t enjoy our first date. What we do know is that we want it to be perfect. Let’s see what things are typically done by girls on their dates.

1. Wish to Look Stylish

We behave and look different at home. When we go outside we change a lot. We are absolutely different when we are on a date, aren’t we? At home, among your family and friends you feel fine wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and no makeup on. Preparing for a date requires a stylish outfit, perfect makeup, high-heel shows and perfume. It is natural that women should want to look fantastic.

2. Breaking the Silence

Silence makes us feel awkward. However, talking about inappropriate stuff, such as your ex’s is even worse. In order not to sound and feel stupid, think ahead about the topics that you are ready to talk about if your date doesn’t know what to say to you. Let it be a neutral topic about his hobbies, travelling experience. And try to avoid discussing politics, sex and religion.

3. Fidget

Stop fidgeting on your date. Being nervous does not look attractive at all. Relax and enjoy the conversation, the weather outside, the restaurant you have arranged to meet at. Stay natural and remember that you are the one who is the ‘chooser’. No matter how much the guy likes you, if you dislike him, you will never be together. Be the boss and feel the boss.

4. Smile

Smiling is not a bad thing. Here the main idea is to understand what it is exactly that makes you smile. Is it because your date makes you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed and you are looking for escape? Or do you really like him and your smiling is sincere?

5. Wearing Uncomfortable Items

Blisters in your new shows or a tight bra will never make you feel relaxed. Avoid wearing itchy clothing and uncomfortable shoes. You are not supposed to torture yourself. Dating is not a job interview. Dating will only go right if you feel happy. You must not impress anyone. Remember that you are the queen and let your date be the one who is trying to charm you.


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