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Theresa May stricken with after the allegation of sexual harassment against MPs



In the British parlament, 36 Tory MPs have been identified on a spreadsheet detailing inappropriate behaviour towards colleagues, including allegations of sexual misconduct.

The dossier, revealed by Guido Fawkes, is believed to have been put together by Conservative aides and staffers.

The explosive claims include one minister who is accused of being “handsy with women at parties” and another who was said to be perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women.

It comes just days after it was revealed aides shared claims about high profile political figures on a Whatsapp group.

The allegations include harassment of both male and female staff and claims one minister paid women to keep quiet and accused another of having sexual relations with a researcher.

On Sunday, Theresa May called for an inquiry after Tory minister Mark Garnier admitted to calling his secretary sugar t*** and sent her to buy sex toys for him.

What does the spreadsheet claim?

2 serving Cabinet ministers are accused of inappropriate behaviour towards women

18 serving ministers are accused of various forms of inappropriate sexual behaviour

12 MPs are said to have behaved inappropriately towards female researchers

4 MPs are alleged to have behaved inappropriately towards male researchers

The international trade minister faces an official Cabinet Office investigation into claims of inappropriate conduct, although he described the two incidents as good humoured high jinks and amusing conversation.

In a separate case, the Mail on Sunday reported that former cabinet minister Stephen Crabb admitted sending “explicit” messages to a 19-year-old woman he interviewed for a job in 2013, when he was a Welsh minister.

The married MP was quoted by the paper as saying he had been foolish but that there had been no sexual contact.

In a letter to Commons speaker Sir John Bercow, the Prime Minister also called for the establishment of a new grievance procedure to deal with complaints of misconduct at Westminster.

I do not believe that this situation can be tolerated any longer. It is simply not fair on staff, many of whom are young and in their first job post-education, she wrote.

I would be grateful if you would be able to use your office to assist me in doing all we can to ensure that the reputation of Parliament is not damaged further by allegations of impropriety.

The revelations come is the wake of a number of sexual harassment allegations about shamed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.


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